The Big Six® are the six most important challenges for sustainable development in 21st century:

  • climate change
  • freshwater scarcity and pollution
  • deforestation and desertification
  • absolute poverty
  • loss of biodiversity
  • population growth and migration

SD-M® first named these challenges in 2002 on the basis of international standards and expounded on them in the five years after. The Big Six® are protected by copyright.

Institutional investors expect that the integration of the Big Six® in their investing will lead to outperformance in the long term (see page 18 of a study of leading European pension funds that hold € 460 billion in assets). This has now been proven in practice. The SD-M® GmbH draws on these scientific findings for its consulting.

Along with industry-specific SD-KPIs, the Big Six® offer companies the opportunity to concentrate on core challenges of sustainable development.

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